Home Owners

As you will be aware there are numerous home automation options available in this fast moving ever expanding sector, these range from light bulbs that can be controlled via a app on your smart phone to music systems offering music in every room at the swipe of a finger to heating systems controllable from your sunbed on holiday to full home automation systems that can close your windows if it starts to rain!! At BlackRock we found that this is all well and good but before you know it you have so many app on your phone for different manufacturers products that it can all become a little, well, complicated!!

We feel that the whole concept of home automation should be to make things easier and more convenient and so in our strive for the perfect system we came across Loxone, Loxone are one of the few Home Automation manufacturers that not only share our views but can control Lighting, Heating, Music, AV equipment and Security including integration with many 3rd party products meaning you can control the whole house from a single app or from a Loxone wall switch.

Loxone offer an amazing array of products including wired systems for new and refurbishment projects to wireless alternatives for retrofitting. Take a look at the Loxone website by clicking anywhere you see the word Loxone on this web site.

Loxone Automation Systems can start by simply controlling the lighting in and single room and then be added to over time to control the heating, music, security…… the sky’s the limit!!

Loxone and your heating system.

One of the biggest expenses in the home is space and water heating, unfortunately we cant reduce the cost of your energy but we can control the way you use your energy, most heating systems have a programmer to set the times the heating comes on and off and a room stat usually located in the hallway to control the temperature of the whole house!! Loxone can monitor and control the temperature of each room individually offering not only precise temperature consistency but the flexibility to lower the temperature in rooms that are not used or turning the radiator off in a room that has the window open. Temperature control has never been so easy!

So if you would like to be able to control everything from setting the right mood via lighting and music to saving time and energy then let BlackRock Electrical provide you with a Home Automation Survey Free of charge and see what we can do for you.