Builders & Developers

We can provide everything you need to make the homes you have created a much more tempting offer to your prospective clients, in today's changing market we can help you provide that something “a little bit special” that the modern home owner is looking for.

“Most new home owner are a lot more tech savvy these day” what a load of waffle, all anyone wants is a home that is as easy, trouble free and intuitive as possible and perhaps with a slight wow factor that Home Automation can provide.

Loxone can provide Lighting control, Heating control, Music/AV and a security all though a simple to use central system saving time on site and providing and unique property for you clients.

Trusted Tradesmen

We have found that most builders/developers are not completely driven by price but are more likely to use the tradesman they trust to do a good job at the right price. We are happy to work with your existing electrical team and they can do the majority of the electrical first fix, second fix and electrical testing and we can act in advisory capacity during the first fix and then install the specialist equipment and commission the system at the end. We provide a fully documented manual following completion of the system and install to the high standard that Loxone expect.